10 Great Tech Gifts for Seniors

10 Great Tech Gifts for Seniors

Looking for a gift for your elderly parents? Would you like to help them tap into the digital world in an easy and fun way? We’ve compiled a list of 10 various tech gadgets and apps that are perfect also for the older generation.

1) The Apple iPad is the most recommended alternative to a computer for seniors. It is hand-held, lightweight, with the option to easily magnify images for better viewing. Seniors can open apps with just a tap or view photos by swiping left and right, there is no need for typing or using the mouse.

2) Oscar Senior is an app built for non tech-savvy seniors to help use their device in a simple, understandable way. With this all-in-one app downloaded on their tablet, the elderly can call, chat, read the news, check the weather, and browse photos. It helps their caregivers check up on them via the autoreply video calling feature, where the call starts automatically. The remote help option allows their contact to log on to their account and modify settings or fix problems even from a distance.

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3) Skype has become a widely known app for voice and video calling as well as instant messaging. Used by millions, you can easily find friends and family already signed up, making it easy to establish contact.

4) Wireless headphones are a way to help seniors hear any audio from their device better. Once you have connected the headphones via bluetooth, in the future, all they need to do is just turn them on whenever needed, and start listening. This can greatly improve the quality of your video calls, or help them fully enjoy any other audio feature, such a radio show.

5) Another gadget for improving your senior’s audio experience are high-quality speakers. The Serene Innovations speaker has a unique “adjustable voice enhancement” feature that makes for ultra clear sound, helping the elderly, especially those hard of hearing, to be able to hear every word distinctly.

6) CareZone is a health app that helps seniors take their medication regularly with a simple notification on their phone. The app also includes a number of features for storing information about meds, keeping a journal about their health status, and a special calendar for appointments.

7) Further related to health, we suggest WebMD for a vast resource of health-related topics. Users can write to professionals online and there are great articles on health and medicine which your elderly loved one can browse at any time.

8) Another useful and quite fascinating medical app is Instant Heart Rate by azumio, which measures your heart rate through the camera lens on any device by observing the color changes of a fingertip. It’s a quick and practical way for seniors to check and track their physical condition.

9) We recommend Lumosity for those seniors who are young at heart, who are intent on keeping their minds sharp while passing time in a fun, meaningful way. And it’s not just any random game app you can find online, Lumosity is a free platform of cognitive games to strengthen memory, attention, flexibility, and more, designed and tested by neuroscientists.

10) For the visually impaired seniors, we highly recommend listening to audiobooks for learning and entertainment. With Audible, your loved one can access thousands of books, which they can download to their device.

Would you consider one of these gifts for the elderly loved one in your life? Do you have anything in mind that you would add to this list? Share your ideas below!

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