The greatest gift for Grandpa – A new way to communicate

The greatest gift for Grandpa – A new way to communicate

This weekend we are celebrating my grandfather’s 80th birthday. The whole family will get together at our place for his birthday lunch. But we are still thinking of what to get him for this special occasion. It should be something unique and interesting, but useful.

He has always been a very practical sort of person. My sister suggested a new razor, an electric one. Not bad, we thought, but not very exciting nor memorable for such a significant birthday. My nephew thought about a flat screen TV, to replace his small, portable TV. Also a pretty good option, but, let’s give it a bit more thought. What is a gift that can help grandpa in his everyday life, while being fun and easy to use at the same time

Introducing tech to grandpa

Our family is divided in two cities, we live about 3 hours from each other. My uncle and grandpa are the ones who live far from the rest of us. Still, we see each other fairly often. Mostly I am the one that visits because grandpa no longer drives. Yet due to work and my hobbies, sometimes quite a long time passes until I’m able to drive up to see them.

I call my grandpa when I can on his landline. But ever since I got my smartphone years ago, a thought has lingered in the back of my mind, whether grandpa could use one, too. We could skype. I could send him some pictures. However, a smartphone just seemed too small for him, his eyesight is not the best.

So now the thought cropped up in my mind again. What about a tablet? Was it a crazy idea? Maybe. But to my surprise, everyone was on board. Although, we were all slightly worried it would be too hard for him to handle, and subsequently turn into a disappointment. In any case, the decision was made, and after careful research, I placed the order for a tablet which arrived later in the week. Now all we had to do was get it wrapped for the big surprise!

The birthday surprise – A tablet

It was a lovely day. Grandpa was so happy to see the family together, reunited for his birthday. Enthusiastic, he was so eager to help as always, from fixing the blender to repairing my nephew’s remote control racing car. After the delicious meal and huge cake, we gifted him the tablet. When he lifted it out of the box, his face said it all – excitement, joy, and yet a slight bit of worry.

An app for making tablet use easy

Although I did my research to find the safest and easiest device for my grandpa, it was not as easy for him to use as I had hoped. After the initial setup and teaching the basics that day, I returned home and assumed we would be able to get on with communicating via the tablet.

Very soon, grandpa encountered difficulties when trying to accept our calls, or read our messages. There were too many notifications and ads that popped up, which were confusing for him. All because of the current applications we were using. I couldn’t even help him remotely. We were worried about him when we didn’t hear from him all day after sending multiple messages, so we resorted to using the phone again. We were stuck.

I decided to try Oscar Senior after I found it when googling how to simplify tablet. It seemed like the perfect solution to simplify the tablet for the elderly generation. Sure enough, I installed and configured the Oscar Senior app on his tablet and ever since, we have been video calling each other, and I have even sent him a couple of pictures. No issues whatsoever!

What helps a lot is that I can even log in to his account and rearrange apps or fix issues remotely, wherever I am. Now grandpa is truly happy and confident about using his tablet. It was the best gift we could ever give him. Not only can he browse the Internet, check news and weather reports, but he can video call us whenever he wants with a few easy clicks. All with Oscar Senior. An app that simplified technology for my grandpa.

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