Impressions from CES 2018 – A Rewarding Experience

Impressions from CES 2018 – A Rewarding Experience

This January, we were lucky to have a chance to be part of one of the biggest tech trade shows in the world – CES in Las Vegas. So from January 9-12, we had a booth in Eureka Park – the unique exhibiting area for startups, which provides a great opportunity to launch a new product, service or idea. As it’s already been our second year at CES, we would like to compare the two years and share our impressions with you.

At Oscar Senior, we are passionate about making technology accessible for everyone, for people to remain connected to family and to access useful services online. Oscar Senior makes it easy for seniors apprehensive about technology, to overcome their struggles in order to stay in touch with family, friends, and caregivers and to enter the digital world with confidence. Oscar Senior is an application platform that works on any Android or iOS tablet, moreover, the app is fully customizable.

What was new for us this year?

1. Presenting our app in combination with dedicated hardware

At CES 2018, we were thrilled to showcase the Oscar Senior app in combination with a senior-friendly smartphone manufactured by our partner. This solution features several value-added services, including an easy-to-use menu and special features such as speed dial, SOS button, and extra loud speakers.

Providing the same intuitive interface, seamless communication and access to useful online services, making all this available for smartphones, were innovations that followed the demands of our users.

2. A more defined picture of our mission

When we decided to go to CES, we had a very clear picture of what we want to achieve – we wanted to find partners, especially TELCOs and care-related businesses and also to get feedback for our new product.

We were positively surprised how interested visitors were in the newly introduced smartphone for seniors – it seemed that it made a lot of sense to them and they were very eager to learn more.

3. A convenient location in Eureka Park

This year, our booth was at an even better location, since we were right next to the French pavilion. It was very busy, bustling with crowds, and the 4 days passed by unbelievably quickly.

All in all, it was a very pleasant and positive experience. We gathered many leads of which several are very promising for potential cooperation. Now it’s our turn to make the most of it!

Also, we are happy to announce our participation in another trade show – this time we’re heading to Mobile World Congress Barcelona. Stay tuned for more information!

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