What we’ve learned while creating easy to use apps for seniors

What we’ve learned while creating easy to use apps for seniors

We’ve been in the senior tech market for quite some time now. Now, I’d like to share what we’ve learned and how we’ve modified the app as a result. There is no doubt that the world’s population is aging rapidly. Lack of support may cause elderly people to feel lonely and disconnected, especially when living far away from their loved ones. Our users have confirmed this over and over again. Therefore, our mission to make technology more accessible to seniors is becoming more and more relevant.

When we started working on the initial version of the Oscar app, we were confident in what we wanted. We thought all we need is just some time to get there. How wrong we were! The execution itself is crucial. It is actually rather hard to think of how seniors will use your app and how to design for older adults, all while being in your thirties. So here are a few points that worked for us:

Test with users

The most practical step was watching our users use the app and learn from this experience. Real-time and real-life feedback were a godsend. We learned which parts of the app are easy to understand and which are difficult, which buttons are rather confusing, and which functions they find useless.

Introduce new features one by one

While building a product for the silver generation, it is certainly better to introduce new features one by one. In this way, they have time to get familiar with the innovations. What also worked for us is to add the option to remove a feature – basically making the app customizable according to a senior’s proficiency.

Test many layouts

Over time, we’ve tried several different application layouts. Each had its pros and cons and none of them were perfect for sure. There were also many new features over time. We wanted to keep all the important elements neatly organized within the app. And that is why we created tabs. There are 3 main tabs, each with different features:

  1. Dashboard tab is meant to be used by seniors. It provides easy access to contacts and communication features, as well as access to selected apps.
  2. Contacts tab is recommended for family and friends, to easily keep in touch with their senior.
  3. Settings tab – allows you to add/remove contacts and apps according to your interests.

Since we are still testing this layout, we are happy to hear your thoughts and feedback.

All in all, we are continuously striving to learn from our users and improve our product. Just consider all of the things technology has to offer elderly users – seeing them enjoy its advantages is the greatest reward.

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